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ContractParams<TAbi, TFunctionName, TThrowOnFail>: EncodeFunctionDataParameters<TAbi, TFunctionName> & BaseCallParams<TThrowOnFail> & object | object | object

Parameters to execute a call on a contract with TEVM.

This type combines the parameters required for encoding function data with additional call parameters.


import { createClient } from 'viem'
import { contractHandler } from 'tevm/actions'
import { Abi } from 'viem/utils'
const client = createClient({ transport: http('')({}) })
const params: ContractParams<Abi, 'myFunction'> = {
abi: [...], // ABI array
functionName: 'myFunction',
args: [arg1, arg2],
to: '0x123...',
from: '0x123...',
gas: 1000000n,
gasPrice: 1n,
skipBalance: true,
const contractCall = contractHandler(client)
const res = await contractCall(params)


Type Parameters

TAbi extends Abi | readonly unknown[] = Abi

The ABI type.

TFunctionName extends ContractFunctionName<TAbi> = ContractFunctionName<TAbi>

The function name type from the ABI.

TThrowOnFail extends boolean = boolean

The type indicating whether to throw on failure.

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