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DeployParams<TThrowOnFail, TAbi, THasConstructor, TAllArgs>: Omit<BaseCallParams<TThrowOnFail>, "to"> & object & EncodeDeployDataParameters<TAbi, THasConstructor, TAllArgs>

Defines the parameters used for deploying a contract on TEVM. This type extends the base call parameters used for typical TEVM calls, with the addition of deployment-specific settings. By default, createTransaction is set to true, because deployments result in state changes that need to be mined.

The salt parameter supports the use of CREATE2, allowing for deterministic address deployment.


import { createClient } from 'viem'
import { deployHandler } from 'tevm/actions'
const client = createClient({
transport: createTevmTransport({
fork: { transport: http('')({}) }
const deployParams = {
bytecode: '0x6000366000...',
abi: [{
inputs: [],
stateMutability: 'nonpayable',
type: 'constructor'
args: [],
salt: '0x0000...0001', // Optional CREATE2 salt for deterministic deployment
from: '0xYourAccountAddress',
gas: 1000000n,
createTransaction: true
const result = await deployHandler(client)(deployParams)
console.log('Deployed contract address:', result.createdAddress)

Type declaration


readonly optional salt: Hex

An optional CREATE2 salt, if deploying with CREATE2 for a predictable contract address.

Type Parameters

TThrowOnFail extends boolean = boolean

Indicates whether the function should throw on failure.

TAbi extends Abi | readonly unknown[] = Abi

The ABI type, typically including constructor definitions.

THasConstructor = TAbi extends Abi ? Abi extends TAbi ? true : [Extract<TAbi[number], object>] extends [never] ? false : true : true

Determines whether the ABI includes a constructor.

TAllArgs = ContractConstructorArgs<TAbi>

Types of the constructor arguments for the deployment.

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