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An object to set to which blockchain the blocks and their headers belong. This could be specified using a Common object, or chain and hardfork. Defaults to mainnet without specifying a hardfork.

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optional calcDifficultyFromHeader: BlockHeader

If a preceding BlockHeader (usually the parent header) is given the preceding header will be used to calculate the difficulty for this block and the calculated difficulty takes precedence over a provided static difficulty value.

Note that this option has no effect on networks other than PoW/Ethash networks (respectively also deactivates on the Merge HF switching to PoS/Casper).

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optional cliqueSigner: Uint8Array

Provide a clique signer’s privateKey to seal this block. Will throw if provided on a non-PoA chain.

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common: Common

A Common object defining the chain and the hardfork a block/block header belongs to.

Object will be internally copied so that tx behavior don’t incidentally change on future HF changes.

Default: Common object set to mainnet and the HF currently defined as the default hardfork in the Common class.

Current default hardfork: merge

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optional executionWitness: VerkleExecutionWitness

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optional freeze: boolean

A block object by default gets frozen along initialization. This gives you strong additional security guarantees on the consistency of the block parameters. It also enables block hash caching when the hash() method is called multiple times.

If you need to deactivate the block freeze - e.g. because you want to subclass block and add additional properties - it is strongly encouraged that you do the freeze yourself within your code instead.

Default: true

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optional setHardfork: boolean | BigIntLike

Set the hardfork either by timestamp (for HFs from Shanghai onwards) or by block number for older Hfs.

Additionally it is possible to pass in a specific TD value to support live-Merge-HF transitions. Note that this should only be needed in very rare and specific scenarios.

Default: false (HF is set to whatever default HF is set by the Common instance)

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optional skipConsensusFormatValidation: boolean

Skip consensus format validation checks on header if set. Defaults to false.

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