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The options for initializing a Transaction.



optional allowUnlimitedInitCodeSize: boolean

Allows unlimited contract code-size init while debugging. This (partially) disables EIP-3860. Gas cost for initcode size analysis will still be charged. Use with caution.

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optional common: Common

A Common object defining the chain and hardfork for the transaction.

Object will be internally copied so that tx behavior don’t incidentally change on future HF changes.

Default: Common object set to mainnet and the default hardfork as defined in the Common class.

Current default hardfork: istanbul

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optional freeze: boolean

A transaction object by default gets frozen along initialization. This gives you strong additional security guarantees on the consistency of the tx parameters. It also enables tx hash caching when the hash() method is called multiple times.

If you need to deactivate the tx freeze - e.g. because you want to subclass tx and add additional properties - it is strongly encouraged that you do the freeze yourself within your code instead.

Default: true

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