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CreateEvmOptions: object

Type declaration


optional allowUnlimitedContractSize: boolean

Enable/disable unlimited contract size. Defaults to false.


blockchain: Chain


common: Common

Ethereumjs common object


optional customPrecompiles: CustomPrecompile[]

Custom precompiles allow you to run arbitrary JavaScript code in the EVM. See the Precompile guide documentation for a deeper dive An ever growing standard library of precompiles is provided at tevm/precompiles


Not implemented yet Implementation pr

Below example shows how to make a precompile so you can call fs.writeFile and fs.readFile in your contracts. Note: this specific precompile is also provided in the standard library

For security precompiles can only be added statically when the vm is created.


import { createMemoryClient, defineCall, definePrecompile } from 'tevm'
import { createScript } from '@tevm/contract'
import fs from 'fs/promises'
const Fs = createScript({
name: 'Fs',
humanReadableAbi: [
'function readFile(string path) returns (string)',
'function writeFile(string path, string data) returns (bool)',
const fsPrecompile = definePrecompile({
contract: Fs,
address: '0xf2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2f2',
call: defineCall(Fs.abi, {
readFile: async ({ args }) => {
return {
returnValue: await fs.readFile(...args, 'utf8'),
executionGasUsed: 0n,
writeFile: async ({ args }) => {
await fs.writeFile(...args)
return { returnValue: true, executionGasUsed: 0n }
const tevm = createMemoryClient({ customPrecompiles: [fsPrecompile] })
### customPredeploys?
> `optional` **customPredeploys**: `ReadonlyArray`\<[`CustomPredeploy`](/reference/tevm/predeploys/type-aliases/custompredeploy/)\<`any`, `any`\>\>
Custom predeploys allow you to deploy arbitrary EVM bytecode to an address.
This is a convenience method and equivalent to calling tevm.setAccount() manually
to set the contract code.
const tevm = createMemoryClient({
customPredeploys: [
// can pass a `tevm Script` here as well
address: '0x420420...',
abi: [...],
deployedBytecode: '0x420420...',


optional loggingLevel: LogOptions["level"]

The logging level to run the evm at. Defaults to ‘warn’


optional profiler: boolean

Enable profiler. Defaults to false.


stateManager: StateManager

A custom Tevm state manager